My back gave up on me

I am a local Melbourne girl, living in Prahran and believe in enjoying life to the fullest. But after my second delivery I started feeling little pain in my back. Being too busy with my husband, children and home and simply ignored it thinking that it might because of the delivery, and soon it will get better. To reduce the pain, I started taking heavy pain killer for almost a month, but it was of no help to me in any manner. I used to feel relieved from my pain for some time and then again my back starts hurting like never before.

Because of the back pain that I was suffering, even my family starting having problems in their daily life, as I was not able to fulfil all their everyday needs in time because of the pain in my back. Finally, my husband took me to the nearby physio Prahran forcefully, as I was afraid to visit one. The physiotherapist examines my back thoroughly for like ten minutes and finally told us that after my delivery, I was not taking care of my body properly, this is the reason now I have to face the music.

He suggested going for three weeks of physiotherapy session with him and have to take medication for two months so that the back pain can get over for a lifetime. I was afraid to take the session as I taught that it would be painful. But the physiotherapist reassured me that it won’t be painful at all, and my back pain will get over and won’t be coming back any time. That made me brave enough to continue with him for the physiotherapy session for three weeks; he also kept me under medication; both were going together, and I was able to see the difference.

Within one week of physiotherapy session, I started noticing that my back pain is getting milder day by day. And when I reached the as day of my physiotherapy session, I started feeling like before my delivery. He gave me medication for one more month and told me to continue with it so that there is no possibility of getting the back pain in my life. I am happy that listened to my husband and the physiotherapist and got my life back with no back pain. But still I continue with the exercises that he has taught me, so that I can do it, if in case I am feeling mild pain in my back.