Here’s How Myotherapy Helped with My Tension Headaches

The first time I learned about myotherapy was when I was desperately looking for a cure for my tension headaches. It was like clockwork.

Every afternoon I would start to feel that tight band around my head, as if something was squeezing me so that I can’t concentrate on anything.

A little desperate, I decided to try myotherapy – mainly because there’s a convenient clinic close to my office. Here’s my experience with it:

What Is It?

Myotherapy is a procedure that helps minimize or relieve pain caused by some sort of injury to the muscles of tissue. Now, you might ask – what makes this different from a massage?

Well, myotherapy is a much more precise approach. For one thing, the myotherapist uses a combination of different disciplines such as physical therapy and osteopathy.

The Appointment

It all started with an appointment. The clinic reminding me that face masks are needed in their office. I have no problem with that and I showed up on time and they immediately showed me to the therapist.

Now, I’ve had massages before, but myotherapy feels more like a doctor’s appointment than a day at the spa.

For one thing, they had me get an x-ray and the myotherapist asked all sorts of questions about my health. This includes any medicines I’m taking, my health history, and all the symptoms that got me through their door.

It was only after the interview session that he had me take a seat to pinpoint the source of my tension headaches.

The Myotherapy Itself

Since I already told my myotherapist about how hot and cold compress didn’t work for my tension headache, I think they skipped that part.

It’s worth noting that when I went for my appointment, I wasn’t exactly feeling any kind of pain. So, I didn’t really know how they’re supposed to solve a problem that wasn’t occurring at that very moment.

Anyway, some massaging and pressing happened. I think it’s called “trigger point therapy” and it was an incredibly eye-opening experience.

Despite the fact that I didn’t have tension headache at that precise time, the myotherapist managed to press on specific points that were a bit sensitive to the touch.

Painful, but the good kind, like when a masseuse presses on a particular sore muscle. He also led me through some stretching which really felt good for my neck area.

I had no idea I was tensed until I actually felt a bit of release around the neck and shoulder muscles.

I was a bit afraid to try the dry needling but fortunately, it wasn’t needed in my case. Dry needling is a lot like acupuncture but does not use any form of fluid. Hence the name.

I think they also offer other treatments like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation but the treatment really depends on the kind of symptoms the patient has.

Am I Coming Back?

To answer the question – yes. I am definitely happy with the result since I didn’t get any tension headache for the next few days.

Before I left, the myotherapist gave me some advice on how to relieve the pain whenever I feel the tension headache . It has been really helpful in keeping me functional during my work days.

Myotherapy has been perfect for my tension headaches and I find that it can also help with my other problems like back pain and muscle pain.

Thanks to repetitive motion. You can be sure I’m coming back, especially since I’ve already scheduled several appointments in the future.

Who Should Try Myotherapy?

Don’t get me wrong – the cost of myotherapy isn’t sustainable on a daily basis. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to get a full body massage at least once a month as a way to relax, I suggest you try myotherapy as an alternative.

It’s a more strategic way of solving pain instead of just going through a routine massage. Follow this link if you want to find out more about myotherapy or figure out if it’s the answer to your problem and just give it a try!