How a Physio Helped Ease My Constant Knee Pain

knee painI am in my 50s now but I feel like there are still so many things that I want to accomplish. For one, I am a mother of three children who are all grown up now. Though they’re already of legal age and can take care of themselves, I still feel the need to always look for them and help them with little things such as preparing their backpacks whenever they are off for an out of town trip. Add to that my passion for community work, which requires me to always go here and there. My feet bring me to different places and lately there have been many times that I suffer from unwanted pain in my knees. Because the pain is recurring, I started looking for solutions for knee pain.

Several of my close friends recommended that I try physiotherapy. Though I travel to far communities, I don’t want to look for a physical therapist outside Werribee. I know that major cities in Australia are home to highly skilled and very professional therapists, but the possibility of regularly visiting a clinic in a faraway city stresses me. As a result, I searched for Wyndham Rehab – physio in Werribee. After asking my friends, I found out there are also reputable clinics in our area. I was happy that I didn’t have any difficulty in looking for a physiotherapy clinic.

Since I don’t want to suffer from knee pain for the next few days, I contacted the clinic and scheduled my visit. On the day of my first consultation, I asked my eldest daughter to accompany me because pain might attack while I’m on my way to the clinic. I just want to feel safe and worry-free. When we arrived, the staff who receives visitors warmly welcomed us. I was impressed with the way the office looks. Its ambiance is very accommodating and warm. I like the cream color of the walls and the indoor plants that accentuate the room. The plants make it more relaxing while waiting for my physio. After less than one minute, the physio assigned to me approached me and asked me to follow her. I left my daughter in the receiving area and told her to browse or read any magazine on the table.

In another room, my physio introduced herself and also asked several important information about me. Then we proceeded to the first step of the therapy, which is the consultation. She asked me a lot of things about my work, physical activities I do, how many children I have, what food I eat, number of hours I sleep, and others. She said that it is important to know what kind of lifestyle a client has so she can determine what causes or contributes to the occurrence of constant knee pain. Of course, age is a given factor.       

After the long but interesting interview, she performed an examination on the capabilities and movements of my body. She instructed me to perform a few stretching poses and exercise routines. The whole time I was performing the exercises, she was asking questions and was also taking note of my answers. I was impressed with the next things she did that include stretching, deep massage, electrical impulses and ultrasound. After that, she focused on my knees and performed a kind of massage that helped me feel really comfortable.

While she was massaging my knees, she told me about the causes of knee pain. These are arthritis, meniscal injury, muscle strain, ligament tear or sprain, Osgood Shclatters, high impact activities such as running, replacement surgery, muscle imbalances, weak muscles, biomechanical dysfunction, patellofemoral syndrome, and bone conditions. I’ve learned that a combination of these causes the development of the pain. I also learned about the symptoms such as swelling and stiffness, popping noises or crunching, bend knee or inability to straighten, weakness and instability, redness and warm sensations, and inability of the knees to bear weight.          

When we were discussing the ways to ease knee pain, I was surprised and happy because the treatments don’t require complicated equipment. My physio made it clear to me that the methods to use will vary on the condition of my knees and on my overall health. She told me that the common methods that may be used are Intramuscular Stimulation (for muscle shortening and chronic conditions), ultrasound and modalities for reduced swelling and pain control, education on the modification of my activities and sports, increasing joint stability through strength exercise, maintaining my range of motion through stretching exercises, improvement of coordination and joint proprioception through balance training, and manual therapy techniques that are hands-on to correct alignment and promote range of motion.   

After my first consultation, I was very happy because I now know that the constant pain in my knees is still treatable. I can still do many things and can still enjoy life to the fullest.

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