The Health Benefits of Playing Drums

playing drumsPercussion instruments are excellent in boosting good health as studied by experts. In fact, some people who are prone to modern-day stress draw their attention to playing drums because this serves as an output of contained emotions and feelings. Reality tells us that human beings are inclined to music because we naturally react to anything that is pleasant to the ear. We are able to perceive harmony, melodic contours, intervals, pitch, timbre, tones and rhythm as one lovely music which satisfies our hearing sensation.

Drumming is actually innate in nature because its rhythm is intrinsically acquired from ancient people. Whilst it’s a primitive activity during the earlier times, it produces health benefits which are understood to tap the physical and psychological aspect of individuals in this modern era.

Let’s now take a look on how playing the drums promote good health.

Playing the drums is fun.

Generally, drumming is a pleasant activity that invigorates one’s ability to connect with rhythm. It is basic instinct that we create sound whenever we take hold of a stick and a hollow object. Without any ability in playing drums, producing rhythmic sounds using a real drum set is indeed pleasurable and entertaining. In the case of being a skilled drummer, enhancement on the social aspect is achieved. While you play a good piece, others are drawn to appreciate the pleasant sound. It therefore becomes a fun social experience which is beneficial to both player and audience.

Drumming is good for fitness.

Playing a real set of drums develops mind and body coordination where the hands, limbs and senses are at work. Drumming itself is a form of exercise which can take place in either indoor or outdoor. Making this a regular activity leads to a fitter and healthier body allowing you to play better. Take note that drumming is physical in nature but it also boosts brain activity. This reflects improvement of the cognitive aspect because the brain’s perception dictates what the hands and feet have to do. All in all, mind and body connects intelligently, which is an added incentive

Playing the drums is pain relieving.

Research has shown that playing the drums can help alleviate pain because activity is concentrated on the hands and foot. When the mind is distracted to a certain activity, pain becomes unnoticed and ignored. Physiologically, physical activity such as drumming produces endogenous opiates and endorphin – which are the body’s natural inhibitors to pain. Drumming also drives the attention away from grief and emotional ache.

As you can see, drumming is not only pleasurable but also beneficial to health. The good news is that drum lessons is fit to people of all ages. Although, it would be an advantage to start at a young age, there is no regulation that such lessons are only intended for children and teenagers. It is never too late to enroll in drum lessons and when you are taught by the best drum teachers in Melbourne, you will surely enjoy and perform well in this craft.

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